Hey everyone!  My name is Amber Leininger.  I own and operate Yellow Morning Photography in Oklahoma City.  I am a Wife, a girl Mom, a dog Mom and an Artist.

 My Husband, Jonathan, and I have been together for nine blissful years.... Yes, cheesy I know.... but he's seriously great!  He is my biggest supporter.  Without him and his belief in me, I wouldn't be where I am today.

My daughters Charli and Samantha keep me on my toes!  Charli is my strong-willed, sassy, diva-Tomboy.  She is seven and thinks she's at least twelve!  Samantha is by far the coolest kid ever...  She has her moments, don't get me wrong, but overall just chill!  

As for my business, I purchased my first camera in 2014 and have been going ever since.  Photography began as my hobby and flourished into my passion.  I absolutely love what I do and would love nothing more than to share my love with others!